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All Signs Indicate A Strong Tulsa Building Economy For 2018

As a leading Tulsa construction practitioner, Stava Building Corporation founder John Stava recently attended the Tulsa Regional Chamber of Commerce’s  annual “State of the Economy Event.”

Much to his delight, Stava came away impressed and optimistic about what he heard from the event’s keynote presenter Jim Huntzinger in regards to the Tulsa building economy.

By all accounts, the Tulsa building economy is strong.

“The economy is strong and gaining momentum in Tulsa and in other areas throughout the country,” Stava said. “I think much of what was conveyed during the event reinforced many thoughts myself and others in the construction industry have held – that the outlook for growth in 2018 looks very positive.”

The December meeting was attended by many Tulsa business and community leaders. Huntzinger, who serves as the executive vice president and chief investment officer of BOK Financial, outlined a number of economic trends which painted a pleasant forecast for 2018.

The presentation revealed that the unemployment rate is now down to just 4.1 percent – a noticeable difference from when it hovered around 10 percent in 2010. Huntzinger also identified that job creation has remained positive. More importantly, the report highlighted that now is a good time for small businesses to expand.

Huntzinger listed the following as being central themes for 2018:

  • Synchronized global growth is positive and accelerating
  • U.S. growth in 2018 … 2%-2.5% and 2.5%-3% with new tax plan
  • U.S. wages are modestly accelerating
  • Interest rates will move higher
  • S&P earnings hit a new high – outlook still positive
  • Equity market fully priced … but can grind higher
  • No recession in sight

“There is always room for improvement, but the trends look very positive,” Stava said. “I think 2018 is a year in which potential clients should feel very good about building and expanding. We are excited for the prospects of 2018.”

We “Build Anything, Anywhere”

Stava Building has the team, resources and experience in place to help meet all your construction and building needs. Simply put: we can “build anything, anywhere.”

The company was recently recognized for its exemplary work during the 2017 Associated Builders & Contractors (ABC) Of Oklahoma Excellence in Construction Awards ceremony.

Stava Building offers and provides a diverse collection of construction services that include:

  • General Contractor
  • SBC Architecture
  • Design Build
  • Value Engineering

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Stava Building is a Proven Out-of-State Commodity

The Stava Building Corporation turns 30 this year, and the reputable commercial and industrial construction company’s Tulsa ties have never been stronger.

That said, the company also excels outside of Tulsa County where its company is based and was founded in 1988.

All total, the elite Oklahoma construction company has buildings and is licensed for construction in nine other states.

  • Kansas
  • Nebraska
  • Colorado
  • New Mexico
  • Louisiana
  • Mississippi
  • Arkansas
  • Texas

“Tulsa is and will always be our home, CEO John Stava said, “but we’ve been fortunate over the years to take on projects in others parts of Oklahoma and in numerous other states. The Stava Building Corporation name is one that we hope to continue to grow and expand in the years to come.”

Stava Building has completed almost 150 projects outside of the Tulsa area, two of which were in 2017: Lyon-Coffey Electric Cooperative (Kansas) and Linen King (Arkansas).

The Kansas based Lyon-Coffey Electric Cooperative partnered with Stava Building to design and construct a new 34,600 square-foot building for their headquarters that would help them better serve their 7,300 customers in 9 counties throughout Kansas.

Linen King, a regional industrial laundry service based out of Tulsa wanted to expand their facilities to better cover the Little Rock, AR area. Stava Building helped them not only architecturally design but coordinate with their team to integrate the massive mechanical requirements for the 58,500 square-foot laundry facilities.

Another notable project the Oklahoma-based construction company recently finished outside the Tulsa area was The Bulls-Eye Retail Center in Stillwater. The 10,000 square-foot retail center houses three tenant spaces including Mattress Firm, Jersey Mikes, and Great Clips.

“We’ve really worked on expanding our reach and client base in the past 15 years or so,” project manager Justin Sessions said. “We have the ability, knowledge and experience in place to build anything anywhere.”

Experience the Stava Building Difference?

As Sessions suggested, Stava Building has the team, resources and know-how in place to “build anything anywhere.” The company was recently recognized for its exemplary work during the 2017 Associated Builders & Contractors (ABC) Of Oklahoma Excellence in Construction Awards ceremony.

Stava Building offers and provides a diverse collection of construction services that include:

  • General Contractor
  • SBC Architecture
  • Design Build
  • Value Engineering

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Tulsa Commercial Construction Company Celebrates 2017 (PART 2)

By all accounts, 2017 was a big year for the Stava Building Corporation. The highly-regarded Tulsa commercial construction company took on 12 new projects this past year, with seven of those unique and creative projects being dedicated to the John Zink Ranch & Foundation.

The sprawling Skiatook 38,000-acre complex will be used as a future camp by the Indian Nations Council of the Boy Scouts of America. Projects the Stava Building Corporation undertook for the John Zink Ranch & Foundation included two shower rooms, a training center, trading post, pavilion, sporting clays, amphitheater and a pool house for the future camp valued at $28 million.

The John Zink Project has been particularly meaningful for Stava Building Corporation CEO John Stava, who previously served as a Troop Leader for the Boy Scouts of America.

“It is a very big and important project for the company and myself,” Stava said. “The Boy Scouts of America is a very honorable and worthwhile organization that fosters the development and growth of a lot of youths throughout our country. The vision of the John Zink Ranch & Foundation is very admirable. It’s an honor to be involved in this project.”

Tulsa Commercial Construction Company Unveils Helmerich Pool House Specs

Due to the sheer magnitude and commitment that is required for the John Zink Project, the Helmerich Pool House is the only project completed thus far. That said, the finished project was the foundation which led to the Stava Building being awarded the facility’s additional projects.

The Helmerich Pool House for the future Boy Scouts of America camp totals 5,100 square-feet and features a number of amenities that includes:

  • Five different locker facilities (men’s, women’s, boys, girls and family)
  • Energy efficient instant hot water heaters for all showers
  • Office check-in station
  • Two mechanical rooms
  • LED light fixtures
  • 18’ by 120’ porch which overlooks two commercial pools

Another notable facet about the construction of the Helmerich Pool House was that all of the building’s walls were made of masonry and carried the weight of the building. All total, the well-known Tulsa commercial construction company used over 10,000 CMU (construction) blocks on the project.

Though impressive, the project did present its unique set of challenges that had to be overcome by Stava Building project Manager Justin Sessions and project architect Wallace Wozencraft.

One of the bigger issues the Stava Building team faced was the logistics of the facility, which was miles away from the nearest supply house. Additionally, the facility was only accessible by a four-mile long gravel road which was closed for part of the project to prevent heavy rutting after heavy rains hit.

“We were faced with a challenging location,” Sessions said, “but we never compromised our craftsmanship and attention to detail while still completing this project on time and in budget. It was a very satisfying and rewarding project to be a part of.”

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Elite Tulsa Construction Company Celebrates 2017 (Part 1)

The year 2017 was one to remember for the Stava Building Corporation. The prominent Tulsa Construction Company not only took home an honor at the 2017 ABC Oklahoma Excellence in Construction Awards ceremony, the Stava Building Corporation took on 12 new dynamic construction projects this past year.

Two of the Tulsa Construction Company’s unique projects this past year included an interior remodel, designed by KKT Architects, for Eye Candy, a Tulsa eyewear store which sells high-end, high-quality, unique sunglasses and optical glasses.   The other project was the construction of a new gymnasium for Town & Country School.

“We have always taken great pride in the diverse clientele that we have had here,” said Stava Building Corporation CEO John Stava. “The Eye Candy and Town & Country School projects both presented their own unique service needs and were representative of the diverse client portfolio we have cultivated over the years here at the Stava Building Corporation.”

Eye Candy’s Eye-Catching Details

Located in the Vineyard Shopping Center off of South Memorial Drive (E. 108th Place), the Eye Candy project featured a polished concrete floor finish with decorative copper and brass stripes which were inlayed into the concrete floor of the showroom.

The 2,600 square-foot interior finish design project also included a customer lounge with a refreshment area in the back of the show room.  It features granite counter tops, mounted display shelves that give the illusion of seamlessly floating on the wall they are mounted to, two exam rooms, and a rustic looking wall comprised of reclaimed barn wood.

“It was a fun project that allowed us to incorporate a lot of sleek features,” said Stava Building project manager Shane Cloyde. “All in all, the retail space of Eye Candy Eyewear has its own unique design to add to the product design being offered.”

Town & Country’s Gym Jumps to Life

Though a Tulsa school since 1961, Town & Country School had not had a new construction addition done on its school grounds since moving to its present location at 8906 E. 34th Street in 2012. The new gymnasium built by the Stava Building was the school’s first construction addition to its new facility.

The 10,260 square-foot gymnasium project included a main entry and lobby area with a designated spot for concession sales, men’s and women’s restrooms, and the addition of the main gym.

Stava Building project manager Justin Sessions said the gym specs included a specialized floor named DynaForce®, which is a resilient urethane flooring system that “provides an attractive look as well as great shock absorption and bounce for sporting events.” The school’s logo is also prominently displayed at center court, and the facility includes high-efficiency LED lighting throughout the building.

Other Notable 2017 Projects by the Elite Tulsa Construction Company

A few of Stava Building’s other distinguished projects this past year included a striking corporate office renovation at the Tulsa Federal Credit Union (TFCU), an elevator addition at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, and the implementation of an expanded warehouse facility for Claude Neon Federal Signs.

The elite Tulsa construction company also garnered an award for Pre-Engineered Building between $2 to $10 million in General Contracting and Construction Management at the 2017 ABC Oklahoma Excellence in Construction Awards ceremony for its work on the 129th and Pine Development Project.

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Stava Building Corporation Honored For 129th and Pine Project

For nearly 30 years, the Stava Building Corporation has been synonymous with Tulsa Commercial Construction excellence.

The prominent Tulsa commercial construction company, which will turn 30 in 2018, was recently recognized for its exemplary work during the 2017 Associated Builders & Contractors (ABC) Of Oklahoma Excellence in Construction Awards ceremony.

The Stava Building Corporation’s work on a Tulsa project located at N. 129th E. Avenue and Pine Street took home honors for Pre-Engineered Building between $2 to $10 million category in General Contracting and Construction Management.

Aptly called the 129th and Pine Development Project, the job had a number of notable specs and features. It totaled 77,000 square feet with 61,303 square feet comprising of the location’s warehouse and manufacturing area and 14,961 square feet were devoted to the two-story office. The project was completed this past August. Architects for the project were GH2 Architects.

“It was a significant project and one that we were extremely proud of for a number of reasons,” said Stava Building project manager Justin Sessions. “We incorporated a new type of fall protection – Sky Web® — that helped speed up our erection time, which was important because the end user was consolidating operations from two other out of state locations into this new facility. It was challenging project, but we were able to get the project into budget and have it completed within schedule.”

The 129th and Pine Development Project facility will house production, engineering, testing, warehousing and manufacturing.

Project superintendent Robert Bennett incorporated the following building features:

  • Architectural Horizontal Metal Panel Exterior
  • 8’ CMU Wainscot
  • 6 Semi truck delivery docks
  • Complex power and data delivery system
  • 18,000 square foot mezzanine
  • Aluminum canopy system
  • LED lighting
  • Hydrofoil fans
  • Heavy duty concrete paving
  • Architectural standing seam roof
  • 36’ eave height

“It’s always nice to be recognized by your peers for your work,” said Stava Building Corporation CEO John Stava. “There are a lot of other great companies who do great work in the Tulsa area. It’s a very competitive industry. I’m really proud of our team’s work and attention to detail on this project.”

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